Great as back packing stove, camp stove and survival gear

The Kelly Kettle

The only thing you’ll need to Boil Water - Cook Fast – and Survive. The Kelly Kettle stands alone when it comes to quality, dependability and reliability. Best piece of gear you can own for conquering the great outdoors.

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Camp Cups Outdoor Camping Gear by Kelly Kettle

Coffee in 5

Get your kettle going first thing and have steaming hot coffee, tea, hot chocolate within minutes, and now our awesome Kelly Kettle Camp Cups are available. Kelly Kettle boils water fast, using all natural fuel, such as twigs, pinecones, whatever’s accessible. Why are you buying fuel?

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The Ultimate Outdoor Kelly Kettle Kit

Rising to New Heights

Our Kelly Kettles are sold around the world and have been for decades. And now with the Ultimate Outdoor Kelly Kettle Kit you can do anything with a Kelly Kettle. Get yours today and see why people prefer a Kelly Kettle over Jet Boil. Lighten up your load and stop carrying fuel today.

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Kelly Kettle is a great outdoor camping stove

Fast Food

Easily turn your Kelly Kettle into a portable cooker using the Cook Set accessory. Eliminates the need to carry ANY fuel. Cost-Free, Carbon Neutral, Eco-Friendly cooking! The set fits inside the base of Kettle for ease of transport!

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Kelly Kettle comes in three sizes for all outdoor adventures

Tres Amigos

A size for every occasion. Whether your car camping, back packing or off the grid, there’s a Kelly Kettle to fit your needs. Perfect for outdoor recreation. Essential for emergency preparedness.

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Get it Now!

Have you seen the new Hobo Stove? Make the fire-base of your kettle into an effective wood fired camping stove with the Hobo Stove accessory.

How they work

1Kelly Kettle will boil one liter of water in just a few minutes, using all natural fuel, making it ideal for camping, hiking and emergency preparedness.
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View Side by Side

2Side by side comparison of the three Kelly Kettle models, available in stainless steel and aluminum. Boil water. Cook fast. Survive.
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Still buying fuel?

3Kelly Kettle uses all natural fuel – twigs, pine cones. Whatever is available, wherever you go. No more canisters to buy, carry and clutter the environment.
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Kettle Accessories

4Kelly Kettles are doin’ a whole lot more than boiling water. See how this one simple piece of camping gear can be used in so many ways.
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The Hobo Stove

I was quite excited when Kelly Kettle announced it was coming out with a hobo stove this year. I own many stick stoves, but this one had some major advantages over the others. It can be combined with the Kelly Kettle BaseCamp and Scout (a smaller Trekker design is now in the works). After doing a quick boil for tea, I’d simply replace the chimney section with the hobo stove and continue cooking a full breakfast or dinner. The entire process for me became my relaxation time; gathering small wood debris from around the campsite, lighting the mini fire, then cooking up a meal. Read More…