Kelly Kettle Camping Equipment

Who Else Wants Awesome Camping, Hiking and Survival Gear?


We all do, right? Our purpose for spending time outdoors is to enjoy it, with equipment that works; efficiently, effectively and be bullet proof. Especially if we’re backpacking up in clouds and need a stove that’s 100% sure to light. Or on a camping trip where the rain is pouring down and we need to boil some water for a quick cup of coffee. Need help getting your campfire going in soggy surroundings? Kelly Kettle gets it and has been around for years – 125 to be exact. The design has changed just a tad.  A lot more bells and whistles if you will. More effective. More efficient. Still super awesome. Still the best camping, hiking and survival gear you can buy.

So many reasons to love the Kelly Kettle

  • Boils water fast.
  • Cooks food – again fast.
  • Does not need store bought fuel.
  • Packs nice, tight and light [link to other post]
  • Has awesome new accessories
  • New spot welded kettles
  • Laser welded seams
  • New high temp stoppers
  • Heavier chain

Kelly Kettle has always been known to boil water fast – since the days Irish fisherman stoked it on the banks of the Lough Conn for quick cup-a-tea. These days with improved technology and the sturdy stainless steel or aluminum design we use it is considered flawless and uber dependable by many. Boils water in about 5 minutes depending on the size kettle you use.

Hobo Stove -the Ideal Camp Stove

Camp cooking is now a snap with the addition of the Cook Set and more recent Hobo Stove. Two awesome accessories which allow you to cook stew and fry up fish or franks. You’re not going hungry out there.

Of course, the fact that is does all this with natural fuel you collect from the ground is certainly a plus. Twigs, pine cones, dry grass, etc. No need to buy, pack or litter the fragile earth with fuel canisters.

And if you’re thinking “how do I lug this thing around?” it’s understandable that you’d ask. Check out how it all packs nice, tight and light into your Kelly Kettle bag and hooks up to your back pack. You’ll hardly know its there. But when it comes time to set up camp, you’ve got a virtual kitchen in a bag.

Check out all the Kelly Kettle accessories. Great new camping cups, cook sets and Hobo Stove are available separately or in the ULTIMATE KIT! Absolutely the best value when purchasing Kelly Kettle products! Comes with the Kelly Kettle of choice, all the cool accessories and even includes Two Free Nokero Solar lights.

And all the new high tech improvements such as laser welded seams, spot welds (so no more pop rivets to attach the handle and chain brackets), together with our new high temp stoppers replacing the brittle corks and new heavier chain, just make the Kelly Kettle an even more valuable piece of camping equipment; perfect for hiking, backpacking, fishing, kayaking and a ‘must have’ in the category of survival gear.


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