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Best Camping Stove & Camping Kettle – Uses All Natural Fuel


Here’s why we call the Kelly Kettle epic. This amazing piece of camping gear can boil water ultra fast. Great for a quick cup of something hot and steamy while hiking on a chilly morning. It’s also an awesome camping stove. The Kelly Kettle accessories, such as the Hobo Stove and Cook Set, will enable you to cook a full meal. Breakfast, lunch & dinner. And best of all – no need to pack heavy fuel canisters & litter mother earth with more trash. Kelly Kettle uses all natural fuel. Basically, what ever’s lying around – twigs, pinecones, you name it. Really handy to start a quick fire in the kettle to use to start your campfire, too.

Kelly Kettle Reviews

If you check out the reviews on the Kelly Kettle – which we always recommend when buying any type of camping gear – you’ll see a million other reasons why campers, hikers, backpackers, kayakers, survivalists and preppers all love the the kettle. It is a very versatile piece of equipment crafted with excellent workmanship. They are awesome and we are always working to make improvements (suggested by you, our loyal and knowledgeable outdoor adventurers) to make your family camping trips or backpacking treks easier and more enjoyable. Check out all some Kelly Kettle videos Kelly Kettle Videos on our Pinterest page.

Kelly Kettle World Wide

Kelly Kettle has been around for over 100 years and is sold all over the globe. Kelly Kettle USA is an affiliate of the original Kelly Kettle – the folks in Ireland – who initially created the first kettle to serve hot drinks to fisherman on the shores of Loch Cohn. Kind of cool.

So if you are in need of an amazing piece of camping gear, hiking equipment or a really great backpacking stove, this is the all-in-one camping kettle & camping stove that will cover all the bases. Unquestionably, the best camping stove and camping kettle on the market.


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