Father's Day Gift Ideas From Kelly Kettle

5 Top Gift Ideas for Dad


Mother’s Day is almost here, so hopefully you’ve got Mom’s day lined up. Moms are pretty easy to please and pamper on ‘their’ day. A nice breakfast in bed, flowers, a little chocolate – and mom is so happy. Actually, if you just spend some quality time with Mom she’s going to be over the moon.

Then, shortly after comes Father’s Day. Not so easy. Dad, on the other hand, is like “what can I get for the guy who has everything”? What can I get my dad or hubs for Father’s Day that he can really use and really like? Am I right? I know I am. Men are more practical, so you have to put a little thought into their gifts.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Kelly Kettle is a haven of Great Gifts for Dad! Especially if your dad is one of those outdoor guys, a family man, a guy who loves cool gadgets, or loves to eat – then we’ve got you covered. These gifts for Dad go from about $250 down to super inexpensive at $10.99. So read on and see what you think.

Water Filter make Swimming Pool Water Safe to Drink

Removes virus and makes swimming pool water safe to drink.

5. AquaBrick™ Water Filter

This is the most awesome water filtration system we’ve seen yet. A product of Sagan™ Industries, the AquaBrick™ Water Filtration System will deliver safe drinking water within minutes – removing harmful bacteria, virus, cysts, such as cryptosporidium and giardia from any non-salt surface water. They have test results by independent water laboratories tests done ‘til the filter’s end of life. (Meaning when it quits working) Kind of important to know… The system comes with two AquaBrick™ Containers, one to scoop up three gallons of water; the other to fill with your clean safe filtered water. Simply fill the AquaBrick™ with water, insert the water filter into the AquaBrick™. Use the hand pump to pressurize the brick, and safe purified water will quickly dispense from the spigot. BTW – This thing will actually make your swimming pool water safe to drink, uh huh.

The AquaBrick™ Containers are also sold separately (another great gift for Dad) and make perfect storage containers, so Dad can use them to store anything in the garage, like water and food storage. Shop AquaBrick >


4. Kelly Kettle®

Camping kettle and camp stove

The Kelly Kettle – Best camping kettle and camp stove – bar none.

If your dad has not been introduced to the renown Kelly Kettle® and has any interest in the outdoors or prepping he will LOVE this thing. I have seen grown men cry watching it work… well, not cry, but it’s ridiculous how enamored they become with it. It’s a camping kettle / camp stove which boils water super-fast, cooks food and does it all with natural fuel. It’s been around for over 100 years and the folks who developed it in Ireland keep adding improvements and cool accessories. The Ultimate Kit is the best way to go if he hasn’t got any kettle equipment yet, otherwise there are tons of things he’d love, like the Hobo Stove or new Camping Cups and Plates. Shop Kelly Kettle® >

Better than a LifeStraw

Better than a LifeStraw. Removes virus and gets you off your belly!

3. XStream™ Water Filter Straw

This is a great gift for the dad that’s into outdoor adventure, like hiking, camping, backpacking, fishing, hunting, kayaking and / or preparedness. The Xstream™ Water Filter Straw is one amazing gadget. Sagan – the company who makes it – has had it tested by independent water filter labs. The results are astounding It has more capabilities than a LifeStraw, and removes virus for up to 300 gallons. Yep, virus, as well as bacteria, giardia and cryptosporidium. Plus you don’t have to lay on your belly to drink from a stream, lake, or river. It has a straw which is up to 4’ long. So stand up like a man and drink safe water! Shop XStream™ >

2. Woof ‘Em Sticks

Campfire cooking for family fun

The most fun you’ll ever have cooking over a campfire, fire pit or barbecue in your own backyard!

These little gadgets are too much fun for outdoor guys, family guys and guys who love to eat! Ugh – don’t all guys fit in there somewhere? Wrap premade refrigerated dough around the little cups. Toast over a campfire, fire pit, bar-b-que or just some coals carefully placed in your back yard. Take your toasty little tart and fill it with dinner or dessert! We put out options like, chili, pulled pork, taco meat, shredded cheese and toppings to accompany that yummy stuff – if we’re doing dinner. If we’re doing dessert (and you really have to try these to believe how awesome they are) we put out chocolate and butterscotch pudding, pie fillings like cherry or key lime pie! Whipped cream of course. Ice cream with chocolate drizzle is nice. Even butter with cinnamon/sugar sprinkled inside is amazing. Just serve your family’s gooey, yummiest favorites and everyone will have a blast. Shop Woof ‘Ems >

1. Pak Lite

Best Pocket Flash Light

Pak Lite is an awesome pocket flashlight that shines bright and glows in the dark when turned off!

This super-efficient little pocket flashlight is totally awesome. I keep one on my nightstand, in my purse, my car. My husband keeps them stashed around the house as well as in our camping gear. Cool features include: It gives off a tremendous amount of light AND it glows in the dark, so you can always find it!!! Just replace the nine volt battery and you’re good to go again! Use for emergency packs, keep in your cars, camping and anywhere else you might need a light. It gives you about 20 hours per battery and 10,000 hours of light for flash light itself. I LOVE this thing – so will Dad! Great Father’s Day gift for only $10.99 Shop Pak Lite >

We hope this gives you some inspiration for a few cool gift ideas for Dad! Check out the website and be sure to call us with questions. We are happy help you get Dad’s Day figured out this year! Visit us at KellyKettleUSA.

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