How does the Kelly Kettle Work

How Does the Kelly Kettle Work?


Looking for one of those great camping gadgets that’s the best camping kettle, portable water heater, camp stove and boils a cuppa camp coffee in 5 minutes? I know… who doesn’t long for hot cup of coffee, tea or cocoa when your up early on a chilly morn? Or – been out fishing or hunting – yea, you need your camp coffee pronto.

Add to Your Camping Essentials

Put the Kelly Kettle on your list of camping essentials – ’cause it’s an awesome little device for camping, backpacking, hiking, fishing, hunting, emergency preparedness and on and on we go. It boils water ultra fast. I mean really FASSSSSTTTTTT. In the past few years, the Kelly Kettle has added many useful accessories – so now this great little piece of camping gear not only boils water, it cooks food – um, yes, while you boil water. The addition of the Kelly Kettle Hobo Stove makes it possible to fry up the “catch of the day”, cook some hot dogs or fry up a steak to go with your morning eggs. They now make Kelly Kettle plates and cups – all fit nicely into an easily portable carry – all bag.

Check out one of the first Kelly Kettle videos ever made. Patrick Kelly – does a great demo of the family product. I decided to post this video, not only because Patrick does a great job of explaining how the camping kettle / camp stove works – ya gotta love the Irish accent. Makes it more fun to own one.

Kelly Kettle Roots

Originally designed by the Kelly family in Ireland, so fisherman could easily boil water for quick cuppa tea, coffee or cocoa on a cold Irish afternoon. The Kettle is remarkable in that it works in any weather – rain – obviously, since it never seems to stop raining in Ireland – snow, high altitudes, and windy weather. Obviously, the most essential times you need hot coffee and food are under the worst conditions… am I right? So you want a bullet proof camping kettle and camp stove you can count on every time.

Not a Propane Stove

To make your camping trips and treks even easier, get rid of that fuel. The Kelly Kettle is not a propane stove or portable gas stove. It works using all natural fuel: twigs, branches, a bit of brush, even camel dung in the Sahara Dessert, as Kelly points out. Never pack fuel again – no need for propane canisters. Awesome – save on the cost, the pack space and the trash.

A Kelly Kettle for all Outdoor Adventures

This trusty camping kettle can be ready for anything – depending on the size you choose. All three kettles are available in stainless steel and aluminum.

The Trekker – Smallest of the Kettles – 10 1/2 ” packed. Perfect for um “Trekking”, hiking, backpacking etc. Holds 20 oz of water. (1/2 liter)

The Scout – Mid Size Kettle -11″ packed. Holds 41 oz of water.  (1.3 liters)

The Base Camp – Largest of the Kelly Kettles – 13″ packed. The perfect size to keep at base camp for your crew. Holds 54 oz of water. (1.6 liters)

How the Kelly Kettle Works

Start off by building a normal fire in the fire base, using sticks, tinder, dry grass and kindling.

NOTE: Always put water in the kettle before putting in on hot fire base.

Fill the kettle with water and place it on the fire base before lighting the tinder. The kettle typically has the water boiling within 3 to 5 minutes. It’s pretty amazing. That chimney up the center of the kettle makes this the fastest camping water heater I have ever seen.

There is a correct way to safely lift the kettle off the fire. Just lift the kettle by the handles at a 90 degree angle to the body of the kettle and pick it up from the fire base. The kettle can be taken anywhere in the camp and easily pours by using the pull chain.

Camp Stove Components

The pot support and cook set can be used for cooking all sorts of camp food such as oatmeal, soups, chili, etc. Just interlock the pieces of  the pot support and insert into the chimney top. Place the pot on the support. Here the heat is harnessed to quickly cook food and get things heated up.

You can also use the grill pieces to continue cooking. Easily remove the pot and pot support (with the included grippers) from the chimney. Remove the Kettle from the fire holding the handles at 90 degrees. Set aside. Add your grill grates to the fire base and keep cooking.

Hobo Stove – Great Camp Stove Addition to the Kelly Kettle Pack

The Kelly Kettle Hobo Stove has only been around for a few years but adds the ability to use a fry pan to cook fish, steaks, scramble eggs, what ever is on the menu the Kettle Kettle is the cook stove and camping kettle to handle it all.

The most economical way to get all the Kelly Kettle gear is to purchase the Kelly Kettle Ultimate Kits. They include all the gear and accessories at the lowest cost – so you don’t miss out on any of the goodies.

Best of all the Kelly Kettle is available just about everywhere. If you’re in the US and Canada grab your new camping gear at KellyKettleUSA. For the rest of you outdoor folk scattered across the globe check out Either way – what are ya waitin’ for? Get yourself or a fellow outdoor lover a kettle today! And be sure to follow us on Social Media to see what the Kelly family is cooking up next.






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