How to Pack the Kelly Kettle Kit


Everyone is asking – so here’s a video to show you –

How to pack the Kelly Kettle Kit

The Kelly Kettle camping kettle and camping stove is sold separately and in convenient kits. Purchasing the Kelly Kettle kits is more affordable, as it includes free shipping. The Kelly Kettle Ultimate Kit is by far the the coolest, as it includes the Hobo Stove, camping cups and even Free solar lights!

But everyone is asking – can I pack all of these accessories into my Kelly Kettle and how is this done. This video will show you how to pack the Kelly Kettle Kit, quickly and easily pack all of your goodies right into the Kelly Kettle. Hence, it takes up lots less room and is easy to take hiking and packing. For backpacking the aluminun is especially light. The smaller size kettle, the Trekker is a really convenient backpacking stove. You’ll love it – check this out:

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