Kelly Kettle is Going Camping!


Kelly Kettle Camping Gear – Great for all outdoor activities.

Kelly Kettle loves to go camping! Love this clever video. Short, but informative. This Kelly Kettle is going camping – with or without you!

How to Pack the Kelly Kettle’

See how to pack the Kelly Kettle components inside the kettle itself. Kelly Kettle camping gear is super easy to transport, whether you’re trying to pack it in your car for a week-end camping trip or trek up the side of a mountain on a cool backpacking adventure. Even with the complete Ultimate Kelly Kettle Kits – all components pack inside the kettle. The Kits are undoubtedly the best value as they include all the cool stuff, like the Hobo Stove, cook set, camping cups, and come with free solar lights – plus Free Ground Shipping, which is an awesome deal.

Kelly Kettle an epic camping kettle which boils water ultra fast. Now with the awesome accessories like the cook set and Hobo Stove, you are ready to cook breakfast, lunch and dinner. Take a minute to stop on a cold morning, and make a quick cup of coffee, cocoa or tea – Kelly Kettle boils water in about 5 minutes.

Kelly Kelly Uses All Natural Fuel

Since the Kelly Kettle uses all natural fuel, meaning whatever you find around your campsite – like twigs, pine cones, animal dung – yep, gross, but it actually works (not my first choice) – you save money on fuel; save the weight and space of packing fuel; and save the earth from more potential trash. Kelly Kettle is a very eco-friendly product.

And since the fuel stoves don’t always work at high altitudes, no worries about starving at 10,000 feet. Nothing more frustrating than getting out your fuel stove, trying to light it and having it do nothing. All this after a long day of hiking, and now you are starving to death.

Tons of people love the Kelly Kettle – been around for 100+ years. See our rave reviews and check out all our posts for great ideas on how best to incorporate the Kelly Kettle into all of your outdoor adventures!


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