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What Everybody Should Know About the Tres Amigos


We call them Tres Amigos. But they are really just Kelly Kettles; in different sizes; with different jobs; who work well together. The Kelly Kettles are available in three (3) sizes and come in aluminum or stainless steel.

Base Camp Large Kelly Kettle

This kettle holds 54 oz or about 7 cups of water – aluminum or stainless steel. Appropriately called the Base Camp for obvious reasons. Ideal to leave as your main kettle at base camp to boil water and cook meals for a group.

Scout Medium Kelly Kettle

This kettle holds 44 oz or about 5 ½ cups of water  – aluminum or stainless steel. This size kettle is really perfect for any type of car camping, beach parties, marshmallow roasting. You name it – this is the kettle to take with you on all outdoor family activities.

Trekker Small Kelly Kettle

The Trekker is the smallest of the Kelly Kettles and holds 17oz or about 2 cups. It’s available in aluminum and stainless steel. This size is great for back packing. Especially the aluminum – as it’s extremely lightweight. You can depend on the the Kelly Kettle to light up at higher altitudes, even when other fuel stoves may not. It uses all natural fuel, such as twigs, dry grass, even cow dung. A little gross, but hey, if your hungry… and gathering a little fuel from where ever is so much easier than packing your fuel up and carrying empty canisters back.

Also available for use with the Kettles is the Cook Set made of stainless steel. This accessory is great for heating food over the top of the kettle and for cooking  foods over the fire in the base.  We now have several cool accessories for the Kelly Kettle, including the new Hobo Stove, which makes frying up steak and eggs a fast and delicious reality, where ever you are!

Best Value Kelly Kettle Kits

All sizes of the Kelly Kettle now come in the Ultimate Kit. This includes everything! A great way to buy a kettle making sure you don’t leave out any of the fun stuff. The kits come with the Kelly Kettle of your choice, cook set, hobo stove, camping cups, pot support and Sure Flame fire disc. We’ll throw in a couple Nokero solar lights for free – which are really cool to have on hand.

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