Kelly Kettle Makes Breakfast in the Windy Algonquin Highlands


Nice review of the Kettle from the folks at BlueMoose. In this video Kelly Kettle makes breakfast in the Algonquin Highlands. I think you’ll agree, the Kelly Kettle with the Hobo Stove is the best camp stove and camp kettle to use for all your outdoor adventures.

You’ll love seeing the ease and convenience of the Kelly Kettle, as well as some beautiful shots of Algonquin Park at Canoe Lake. Looks like a beautiful place to get out of the city and relax!

Kelly Kettle Scout and Hobo Stove Review

BlueMoose notes, “This is our first review of the Kelly Kettle Scout, a trippers stick stove for remote cooking. In this video I show what the Kelly Kettle Scout comes with, how it works, and even use it to cook up some breakfast on a windy day in the Algonquin Highlands.”

Kelly Kettle is Undaunted by the Wind

As mentioned in the video more than once, it was a really windy night as well as morning. BlueMoose said if he would have had any other type of stove – they may have gone hungry, as it was much to windy for a campfire and would have been dangerous to use a gas stove. He’s up fixing a pancake breakfast and coffee for his wife, April, so it’ll be ready when she wakes up. All husbands reading this should take note. LOL

However, because the Kelly Kettle is actually fueled by the wind it’s a perfect fit for inclement weather. The fire is easily contained in the fire base and uses all natural fuel, such as twigs, small sticks, pine cones, whatever is available.

The Kettle Even Works in the Rain

Yep, the Kelly Kettle works well in wind, rain and all types of inclement weather. After all it was invented by the Kelly Family – very accomplished fly fishermen in Ireland – looking for a good way to serve up a cuppa tea out on the Loch!

Pretty much the only kind of weather they have in Ireland is wind and rain.

Interesting Fact: They actually had a hurricane in Ireland yesterday! Unbelievable. That was a first! Hurricane Ophelia was the easternmost Atlantic hurricane on record. Of course, my husband was over there spending time with the Kelly Clan. Luckily, if the power had gone out (which it did for over 300,000 folks, but not the Kelly’s) they would’ve had plenty of Kettles on hand to cook with!

Hobo Stove – An Additional Way to Cook with the Kettle

The original Kelly Kettle Kit came with a “pot support” which held a pot over the chimney so you could easily cook chili, oatmeal, soups, etc., using the flame – at the same time you’re heating water for a cuppa coffee or tea.

Now the Hobo Stove adds a new dimension to the Kettle, by allowing you to put a cook stove accessory on top of the fire base. This makes it possible to use fry pans and cook up the catch of the day, steak and eggs, pancakes or whatever suits your day.

They made pancakes and coffee for breakfast “in record time”.

Best camping stove and scouting equipment

Kelly Kettle camp stove for outdoor cooking and camping.

Is the Kelly Kettle Too Bulky?

When contemplating the question as to whether or not the Kelly Kettle is too bulky, BlueMoose said “No. When you consider everything that comes with this kit, it is definitely not too bulky to bring along”.

After all it does come with a complete cook set allowing you to make everything from a cuppa coffee in less than 5 minutes – and that’s from set up to boil – to a complete steak or fish fry.

Campfire Dessert Ideas – Move over Smores

You can even roast marshmallows over the fire chimney for dessert. Better yet – give the Woof ‘Em Sticks a try. These are like smores on steroids. If you’ve never tried these, you are missing out. Reasonably priced, can be used over any heat source and provide lots of family fun!

With these little devices (great gift idea, BTW) you wrap pre-made dough over the the ‘cup’ of the Woof ‘Em Stick; toast over a fire ’til golden brown and delicious. Then fill with anything and everything you love!  Scrambled eggs and sausage for breakfast. Lunch or dinner could be taco meat and cheese with toppings or pulled pork… and dessert. Wow. Dessert and Woof’ ‘Ems will become your favorite part of camping. The Woof ‘Em Sticks come with hot dog roaster attachments as well!

Toast the little dough cups and fill with all your favorites: chocolate pudding, cherry pie filling, fruit… oh yum! I am a huge fan of key lime pie filling in a can. Mouth watering… Top with a squirt of whip. Or simplify and do snicker-woofems – butter, cinnamon and sugar. It’s all delish!

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