Kelly Kettle Ultimate Kit

The Kelly Kettle Ultimate Kit – Everything in One Box


Frustrated because you thought you’d purchased all the cool tools and accessories Kelly Kettle offers? Then realized after setting up camp in the middle of nowhere that you didn’t have Kelly’s cool Hobo Stove? Dang. Guess we’ll be boiling those franks. You’ll want to grab the Ultimate Kit – Kelly Kettle Camping Kettle – Camp Stove – Packs Into One Bag.

Now your “Ultimate” adventure awaits.
Good news for all campers, hikers and outdoor adventure types – Kelly Kettle Ultimate Kit now offers the whole shebang in one box.

Yep, not kidding. About time, too, right? And especially if you’re new to the Kelly Kettle experience – a totally awesome way to do outdoor stuff – of any type – you won’t have to fiddle with trying to figure out what you need to make your experience complete.

Kelly Kettle Ultimate Kit

All the cool Kelly Kettle accessories in one box!

The Kelly Kettle Ultimate Kit – Everything in One Box

Includes:  – drum roll please…

– Kettle (stainless steel Base Camp or Scout)
– Storage Bag
– Cookset
– Pot Support
– Hobo Stove
– Camp Cups
– Stainless Camp Plates

Kelly Kettle Camping Kettle and Camp Stove - Packs Into One Little Bag

All Kelly Kettle gear fits in one bag.

If you want the best deal on Kelly Kettle gear – and who doesn’t — Ultimate Kits are absolutely the best value when purchasing Kelly Kettle products! We’ll even throw in FREE GROUND SHIPPING within the contiguous 48 states.

Since it includes the Kelly Kettle storage bag, take a look at how easily everything fits right into the bag. Everything Kelly Kettle develops is top quality, tested to make sure it works seamlessly and is designed for nesting. So you can pack the whole kit into small places, have it be easy to carry and ideal for all of your camping, hiking, hunting, and fishing expeditions.

Remember, these are our newest spot welded models, no pop rivets!

Enjoy the outdoors with all of the amazing Kelly Kettle products. New additions are the Hobo Stove, Camp Cups and Stainless Camp Plates, so you can fry those franks, steak & eggs, catch of the day.

Order the Ultimate Kits online or if you want it ASAP walk into your nearest Cabela’s store and grab ‘the Box’. They carry the Ultimate Stainless Steel Scout.

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