Best camp stove for your camping gear.

Cook Like a Man – Get a Hobo Stove

Hobo stove campstove and backpacking stove

Hobo Stove – amazing little gadget. The best camp stove and backing packing stove you can buy.

Tired of eating a cold can of beans on your backpacking treks? Or eating freeze dried goodies that taste almost as good as card board? So were we. So we came up with a new addition to the Kelly Kettle family, the Hobo Stove! The Hobo Stove is a natural fit to the Kelly Kettle product line. Simply put it on the fire base and use your favorite fry pan and start cooking. Now you can cook like a man in the great outdoors. Fry up some some meat! Heat those beans and have a nice cup of coffee. Do it all with the Kelly Kettle.

Kelly Kettle Utimate Kits come with all the accessories you need to boil water, cook fast and if need be, survive. Everything, Kettle, cook sets, Hobo stove, coffee cups and even 2 free solar lights.

The Kelly Kettle before the Hobo Stove was awesome. With the Cook Sets you could heat up food, make oatmeal, anything you could do in a pot on the stove at home you could do with the Kettle. Now with the addition of the Hobo Stove you’ll double the usefulness of your kettle. Cook, fry and have the ability to boil water for any need. Coffee, tea, hot chocolate, hot cereal. Now fry up those fish you just caught, heat up some hash browns and eat up!!!

The Hobo Stove has a flat cooking surface that is safe and easy to use. Stoke the fire and keep on cooking. The Hobo Stove has a wide opening to easily ad fuel and for great air flow.

When cooking in the great outdoors, there’s nothing better than a Kelly Kettle. When you need to break camp, stowing away the Hobo Stove with the Kelly Kettle is simple as it fits into the fire base, add in the cook set, grate, pot support, pot gripper, put these into the base of the kettle and away you go.

The Hobo Stove, cooking made easier. Add one to your Kelly Kettle Kit today. Boil water, cook fast, survive – Kelly Kettle – Outdoor life enjoyed.

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